How Chiropractic Care Can Help You Avoid Chronic Auto Injury Pain

West New York Chiropractic Therapy Supports Chronic Pain After Car Accidents

More than 2 million people are injured every year in automobile accidents in the U.S. While a lot of people are able to heal from their injuries fairly quickly, many are left to deal with chronic pain and impairment. We see many of these people here in our West New York office. Thankfully, Dr. Marsh is here to help you get relief from your auto injury.

Research Proves Chiropractic Therapy Helps Prevent Chronic Pain After an Car Crash

The science confirms what we see in our office: A British study was carried out on 28 individuals diagnosed with chronic whiplash issues. Each participant received chiropractic care and 93% of them experienced pain relief following their adjustments, even though 43 percent of whiplash sufferers overall usually never find relief. This confirms that chiropractic therapy is a great way to avoid chronic discomfort after a car crash.

It's important to note that studies have also found that putting off treatment after a car crash can adversely affect healing time, so getting in to see Dr. Marsh immediately is key to having a faster recovery.

We Can Help Clients Find Relief From Pain After a Car Crash

Dr. Marsh has helped many auto injury sufferers, and we're here to help you, too. Call our West New York office today for more information or an appointment.


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