Anthony Marsh DO, DAOBFP, PG.Dip (oxon)
Board Certified in Osteopathic Medicine and Family Medicine
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine-Rowan University SOM
PG.Dip- Evidence Based Medicine-University of Oxford

Human subject crash testing has been studied extensively and has confirmed low speed impacts with little or no damage to the impacted car can still produce damaging forces to the neck and back. The Spine Research Institute of San Diego has noted car accidents are one of the commonest causes of neck and back pains.

Dr. Anthony Marsh, a graduate of the Institute and the prestigious University of Oxford’s Center for Evidence Based Medicine has over 40 years of experience dealing with neck and back injuries. He is one of a select group of physicians in the United States who has previously practiced as a chiropractor and now practices as a licensed medical physician. Thus, Dr. Marsh has a unique combined multidisciplinary education and experience in treating pain due to neck and back injuries.

Also, if you sustain a neck or back injury due to a car accident, under NJ law you may be entitled to medically necessary treatment. Should the legitimacy of your medical injuries be legally challenged, rest assured, Dr. Marsh has also qualified as an expert medical witness in multiple NJ Superior Court cases and can present evidence as necessary.


Las pruebas de colisión con sujetos humanos se han estudiado exhaustivamente y han confirmado que los impactos a baja velocidad con poco o ningún daño en el coche impactado pueden producir fuerzas dañinas para el cuello y la espalda. El Instituto de Investigación de la Columna Vertebral de San Diego ha observado que los accidentes de coche son una de las causas más comunes de dolores de cuello y espalda.

El Dr. Anthony Marsh, licenciado por el Instituto y por el prestigioso Centro de Medicina Basada en Pruebas de la Universidad de Oxford, cuenta con más de 40 años de experiencia en lesiones de cuello y espalda. Forma parte de un selecto grupo de médicos en Estados Unidos que ha ejercido anteriormente como quiropráctico y ahora ejerce como médico titulado. Por lo tanto, el Dr. Marsh tiene una educación multidisciplinar combinada única y experiencia en el tratamiento del dolor debido a lesiones de cuello y espalda.

Además, si usted sufre una lesión en el cuello o la espalda debido a un accidente de coche, bajo la ley NJ usted puede tener derecho a tratamiento médicamente necesario. En caso de que la legitimidad de sus lesiones médicas se cuestiona legalmente, tenga la seguridad, el Dr. Marsh también ha calificado como un testigo médico experto en múltiples casos de NJ Tribunal Superior y puede presentar pruebas en caso necesario.


Anthony Marsh DO, who has nearly 40 years of healthcare experience, now oversees operations at the Osteopathic Medicine, Pain, and Rehabilitation Institute as Medical Director. He accepted this role after serving as a chiropractor Anthony Marsh DC for more than two decades and he leverages his unique blend of experience and knowledge to provide leadership as a licensed medical physician. In addition to his role at the Osteopathic Medicine, Pain, and Rehabilitation Institute, former chiropractor Anthony Marsh was unanimously appointed as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine in 2014.

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